Review: 2014 Porsche Cayman S


In the curiosity of complete disclosure and some bloodletting, let me admit that while I’ve constantly coveted the Porsche Boxster  <>  and its own hard-hatted Cayman  <>  cousin, I’ve hardly ever really warmed in their mind visually. They’ve often had a particular push-me, pull-you, can’t-decide-which-way-they’re-heading aesthetic that I’ve hardly ever really wrapped my head close to. Porsche  <>  achieved a similar thing with the initial 550 Spyder’s overturned bathtub bodyshell that could arrived at inspire the Boxster, but somehow that classic’s a lot more symmetrical nature works for me personally. Fast-forward to the third generation, and at the very least because of this enthusiast, Porsche’s manchild offers well and really come old as a design.

It’s all right now there – a piercing stare because of squircle headlamps motivated by the 918 Spyder hypercar, newfound directional thrust afforded by way of a longer wheelbase and elongated greenhouse, and muscular back haunches with a wider stance emphasized by bigger aspect ductwork and snubbed overhangs. Your body’s teardrop shape terminates having an active spoiler that integrates right into a beautiful arc with the taillamps just like a budding ducktail nod to 1973 911 Carrera RS. Despite casting an extended shadow than its predecessor, the 2014 Cayman nevertheless looks tidily proportioned, easy and wieldy, an ideal skipping stone to ricochet down a canyon river street.

It’s not all with regard to appearances, either – this Cayman features more aluminum-intensive design that cuts its body-in-white weight by 100 lbs, yet torsional rigidity – hardly ever really a weak spot in the first place – is up by 40 %. Some of that weight reduction has been consumed away by increases in regular equipment, but despite having a 2.4-inch lengthier wheelbase, which right now spans longer when compared to a 911 Carrera  <; , Porsche states this Cayman S continues to be a good 66 pounds lighter than final year’s model.

There were what to carp about with the second-generation design – some marginal interior trimmings, usurious option costs – but handling certainly not came through to the Cayman’s report cards under ‘Needs Improvement.’ However, the stiffer chassis and bigger footprint sets the desk for better managing and stability. Enthusiasts frequently blather on concerning the perfection of 50/50 bodyweight distribution, but also for my money, a bit more junk in the trunk of a rear-wheel generate performance car is not a bad strategy to use, particularly when you need to add occupants’ weight in to the equation prior to the engine. The Cayman’s 46/54 bodyweight split strikes the ideal balance of blade to take care of, and you can find bagfuls of grip – the trunk end could be the pendulum, but with this car’s optional Pirelli P-Zero rubber, it requires a solid cocktail of bravado and stupidity to obtain the tail well and really unhinged, particularly if stability control is set up.

Brainstem-straining traction is fantastic, but there’s a many more fun to be enjoyed in vehicles that muster enough capacity to overcome their tires’ buy, too. Compared to that, Porsche says, thumb the activity button. May i kick it? Yes, it is possible to. This now-standard little bit of switchgear curbs the balance control and places the throttle on higher alert, deactivating the engine’s start-quit and fuel-saving coasting software program in the discount. Loosening the training collar on Cayman’s e-nannies may be the strategy to use for B-road fun, however despite having the stability control completely off, the trunk end is really as painlessly catch and discharge being an overstocked and underfed pond. That’s particularly accurate with a design spec’d with Porsche Torque Vectoring ($1,320), which includes a mechanical locking differential and brake-actuated torque redistribution to induce better yaw angles.

Normally with a sports vehicle, the headlining details concentrate on the engine’s specifications, however here we have been, over 500 terms in, and nary a column-inch has happen to be expended on the particulars of the Porsche’s flat-six coronary heart. What gives? It isn’t disappointment – it’s that the Cayman is indeed all-of-a-piece, so natural, that the engine is merely another component in the blend. But what an component it is. Unlike the two 2.7-liter-powered regular Cayman, the S snags the 3.4-liter six from the bottom 911, tuned to provide 325 horsepower (in order never to overshadow the rear-engined icon’s 350 ponies) at 7,400 rpm and 273 pound feet of torque can be acquired from 4,500 rpm. Despite the fact that computes to a specific result of 95.6 hp/liter, that max power total can be an admittedly pretty pedestrian-sounding quantity.

Given that the Cayman includes a group of stunning brand new duds and a handsomely up to date interior to opt for its scintillating efficiency, the argument to invest your additional mazuma for the ever-amazing 911 Carrera looks a lot more threadbare each day. That’s both an unbelievable accomplishment then one of a shame, but so long as this means Porsche continues to show out peerless driver’s vehicles, we’re alright with where that is headed. Yes, as of this price, you can find a variety of other sports cars offering more amazing spec sheets to make an impression on those bench-racing buffoons back again in the office, but who cares? Within an industry seemingly hell-bent on providing an altogether various type of “connected drive encounter,” we’re nevertheless glad that the Cayman is definitely focused on firing our synapses the old-fashioned way.


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My lame and uneducated opinion

First off if you look very close at the image, you’ll see that bizzare interior color.  That seems to be some evil trend these days.  A pretty nice to look at car with a some what suspect interior.  It almost looks as if you stepped into a persons empty heart.  And even Porcshe calls it “Crimson hide interior” which is what I’d be doing to that color scheme, trying to hide it or myself!  Looking at the stats the car does weigh a lot, some 2,900 pounds. But the power output seems fairly typical these days at 325 HP / 273 LB-FT.  Even so, I do love the exterior of the car.  It’s a car people buy to brighten the day of passersby instead of their own.

Official: Cadillac CTS Vsport laps at the Nurburgring in 8: 14.10 [w/video]

You don’t need to be German to benchmark your vehicle at the Nürburging  <> . You simply have to be seriously interested in beating the Germans in their own backyard or home turf. That is why Nissan  <>  tests its GT-R  <>  at the Nordschleife to outpace the Porsche 911  <> , and exactly why Cadillac  <>  – that is no less seriously interested in putting up a battle to German overall performance sedans – has came back to the ‘Ring once more with its latest.

This time it is the turn of the brand new CTS  <>  Vsport, the sportier edition of Cadillac’s brand new mid-variety sedan that aims to bridge the gap before arrival of another CTS-V  <> . Therefore how’d it fare? By the end of what we’re certain was an exhaustive check session, the brand new CTS Vsport clocked a period of 8:14.10.

To place that into context, Common Motors highlights that enough time places the brand new sedan six seconds prior to the first-gen CTS-V, whose 400-hp V8 engine was really less potent compared to the Vsport’s brand new 410hp 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6. That’s still an excellent fifteen seconds slower compared to the outgoing CTS-V that clocked a 7:59 in ’09 2009 using its 556hp supercharged V8, but just a second behind the Electronic60-generation BMW M5  <>  using its high-revving 500hp V10.

That’s mighty amazing indeed, and we can not wait to notice what another CTS-V can handle. The four-door crown currently is one of the Porsche Panamera  <>  Turbo S that arranged a 7:52.20 in 2011. Simply sayin’. Scope out the online video and news release below  </2013/08/28/cadillac-cts-vsport-nurburgring-video/> .

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My opinion

One immediate point I thought of when reading this article on was the simple fact Nissan has tested the Nissan Skyline GT-R at the Nordschleife at least in part with Dirk Schoysman.  However in my opinion Cadillac needs to do more than just set a laptime on a German track if the company wants to get more market share.

Official: Edmunds settles with marketing firm accused of faking dealers reviews

Yelp and foursquare-like humanity Design has also created fake reviews of earlier. Press release for settlement is posted below as is the original release announcing the lawsuit in July. Show full PR reaches settlement with the company is accused of sending deceptive car dealer ratings and reviews

SANTA MONICA, California, on August 28, 2013/PRNewswire/–, the premier resource for car shopping and automotive information, announced today that it has reached an agreement with humanity Design Ltd, who were charged with fraud and breach of contract, membership in a lawsuit filed last month in Texas. it after it examined humanity’s enrollment of nearly 2200 faked accounts on the site, as humanity used to try to send content to sway opinions on the car shoppers ‘ s dealer customer rating pages.

As part of the settlement with humanity to agree:

Submit to a permanent ban not register users on, not to submit reviews, do not participate in’s online community, and does not violate the site’s membership agreement.
Provide information on all accounts registered and all reviews the submitted to
Paying an undisclosed amount to’s legal fees.

“This is without a doubt a victory not only for the millions of online users who rely on the dealership reviews and ratings from Fellow car shoppers, but also for the thousands of honest retailers who embrace authentic customer feedback,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Seth Berkowitz. “We will continue to leave the screen each review submitted to our site and we will not hesitate to fire back against anyone who tries to compromise the conditions of our user agreement.”

Man’s own marketing materials had previously identified 15 review sites that it was prepared to put up reviews that are similar to the claimed was fraudulent. Humanity’s “support site” list includes Google

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Review: 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport

My opinion of the newer Mercedes Benz entry level C class range is pretty harsh and some might find it evil. When the new/current S Class was introduced, that quirky styling made its way onto the C class in what I can only imagine is an attempt to transfer the high class styling onto the budget range of the lot. Have not seen the interior and frankly I can’t be bothered to. This is a trend you can find across most manufacturers Nissan for example. Taking the styling of the Maxima and forcing it onto the Altima. Why? Why? Why?

Mercedes-Benz launched the new third generation C-class (W204 internal code) at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show for the 2008 model year. With four doors got a half cycle refresh in 2011 (shown at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show) who introduced a revised seven-speed gearbox and a refreshed, more upscale Interior to better align it with its more expensive sibling. But that wasn’t all, Mercedes is also its smallest sedan to a lot of external cosmetic improvements, new driving assistance systems and next-generation telematics. The upgrades were comprehensive and very good looking, probably explain why the March then rode in our driveway turned heads everywhere it went.

Put up everything, this car was a total of $ 42,355.

Our special test car was a 2013 C250 Then with a base price of $ 36,255 (including a $ 905 destination charge). Its most expensive option was the dynamic Sport package ($ 3,050), which added the unique seven-split-spoke 18-inch wheels, AMG rear spoiler, sports seats in MB-Tex/Dinamica, red seat belts, red contrast stitching, sport steering wheel, advanced Agility suspension and speed-sensitive steering. Premium 1 package ($ 2500) added Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, 10-way power driver’s seat, power lumbar, power steering column, split-folding rear seats, Harmon-Kardon surround sound audio package and other improvements. The remaining two options were the rear decklid spoiler ($ 300) and a special order charge ($ 250). Put up everything, this car was a total of $ 42,355.

But our test car lacked some desirable options. We had the added navigation ($ 2,814) and xenon headlights ($ 1,295), would our price have jumped to $46,435-which is a big jump over its base price.

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Brake dust and the front wheels

This is just a random thinking out loud post, will be followed up later in more detail.

One of the strangest things I have noticed are vehicles (usually luxury think BMW, Lexus and so on) typically having an ugly color cast to the front wheels only.  The rear wheels are mostly devoid of this problem.  One theory I have come up with to explain this color cast to the front wheels only are the owners using semi-metallic brake pads instead of the ceramic brake pads.  Semi-metallic pads costs less but wear out quicker.  Ceramic pads are more costly but provide dependable stopping power and YES less brake dust.

Chris Ilson

The safest cars by 2013

With regards to selling vehicles, safety markets. We realize that wasn’t usually the case; however in today’s market, nearly all new-car shoppers do worth how well an automobile will safeguard them in a crash-or how it could help them prevent one altogether.

Trouble is, between your two U.S. companies that carry out crash tests-the Nationwide Highway Traffic Protection Administration (NHTSA), and the Insurance plan Institute for Highway Basic safety (IIHS)-there’s plenty of information to distill. Also to compound matters, the test outcomes from both of these agencies aren’t usually in agreement.

We already help to make sense of this in the Safety portion of each full review at The Car Connection, and that is a great place to begin when cross-shopping models prior to you heading to the dealership. Also to make this information a lot more useful to those that want among the safest new vehicles, we’ve done some extra sorting to filter the best of the greatest.

In order to develop this set of safest cars, we viewed vehicles that earn best scores in both (sorry, Tesla Motors) federal and IIHS crash-test programs. Very first we separated out versions that obtain NHTSA five-star scores general, frontal, and part (allowing 4 celebrities for rollover): after that we viewed which of these models also be eligible for the IIHS Top Basic safety Pick+ nod.

That culled the choice right down to just ten vehicles. Nonetheless it should be noted there are likely many luxury-brand automobiles that also meet up with the same (or better) degree of occupant protection. Because of the relatively low sales quantity (and high sticker costs), several luxury-brand models are overlooked of testing-especially by the government.

Crash-test ratings are just a starting point

But there’s a lot more to basic safety than crash checks. Before you dismiss basic safety as something you can’t test-drive, there are many other components of safety that have too much to do together with your impressions when driving. Handling, outward visibility, as well as your convenience with the driving placement all play a role in accident avoidance. Not to mention you can find the advanced-technology accident-avoidance functions like blind-spot systems,

If you’re searching for used cars, it’s beneficial to likewise incorporate a model’s real-world report of insurance coverage losses-which the IIHS provides attemptedto normalize for real-world elements like driver age group and location-in addition to its crash-test rankings. But please remember that the newest batch of automobiles covered is usually for 2009 through 2011 model years, and due to the rate of which vehicle structures are increasingly being improved and new security features are increasingly being introduced, these information are highly relevant to the 2013 or 2014 model many years in hardly any cases.

Our list includes a mixture of 2013 and 2014 models because, during posting, the safety companies haven’t yet extended 2013 rankings oftentimes. With subtle safety-function and structural changes occasionally enough to produce a difference in star rankings between model yrs, we’re resisting the desire to act rashly in some of the cases, although many will basically carry over their 2013 rankings to the 2014 model season.

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And now random opinion from Chris Ilson

Yes, I have to disclaim that I love racing, racing video games and on rare occasions that love will trickle out into the real world and nearly result in a speeding ticket.  But there is one problem with that sort of thinking.  The type of person who is always thinking about performance and horsepower isn’t always going to be thinking of vehicle safety.  I know I don’t.  In my opinion safety only matters when the I becomes we.  As in boy racer becomes Mister Family Man.

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