Land Rover has completed a cross-country station–completely Off-Road

Plenty of folks have made cross-country road trips — you might have even made one this summer. However it’s doubtful your trip over the summer was made entirely OFF ROAD.
That’s because Land Rover’s team did something that’s rarely done nowadays, thanks to America’s love of asphalt: it made the trip completely off-road.
And in what’s believed to be a first, the team made its journey in a production SUV: the Land Rover LR4.

Technically speaking, the trip wasn’t “cross-country”. The Land Rover Expedition America team followed the Trans-America Trail, which begins in southeast Tennessee and ends at the Pacific coast, in southwest Oregon..
The Trail was created for motorcyclists, and it’s not an easy ride. As the website says, the Trail “is NOT a single-track tight woods ride. It is a route using dirt roads, gravel roads, jeep roads, forest roads and farm roads. Dropping down into dried-up creek beds. Riding atop abandoned railroad grades.”

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This is interesting news simply because anyone who is a fan of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson will know Top Gear is especially critical of Land Rover being sort of unreliable in the past. It would seem to me that Land Rover is moving into the realm of quality usually associated with Toyota at least only slightly. Time will tell.

A hiking friend of mine has an LR4 and I have been a passenger while we drove around in the snow. The evil feeling you get while driving or even being a passenger in such a vehicle is that the off-road power comes from electronics where in other vehicles the feeling is more mechanical, for example Jeep.

What’s even more eye catching is Tesla generating more popularity in California. I’d venture to say having an all electric off-road vehicle would make things a little easier off-road. However I am a complete novice when it comes to off roading.


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