The 2015 Infiniti Q30 Concept Is the A-class that We probably never get

My opinion:  Remember if you will that the Infiniti G series was a continuation of the fabled Nissan Skyline.  So it comes as a shock to learn that Infiniti is going to collarbate with Mercedes Benz.  Time will tell if the move was the right one or not but as I am a car fanatic, I’ll say Infiniti should have kept things simple.

Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti grow a little closer, with a long-term deal to work together on future drivetrains and car development. So far, however, the puzzle of exactly which compact cars Mercedes with Infiniti parts has not been very clear.

It’s a bit clearer now with the unveiling of the Infiniti Q30 Concept, bound for a 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show debut in September. The Q30 seems to be a clear relationship to the Mercedes-Benz A-class, already on sale in Europe, and now a much more remote possibility for the US market.

The family compact car Daimler developed the roll-out of the next three years includes the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 2015, and will soon add the GLA crossover late next year. A small batch of B-class fuel cell cars are also making their way to the US; a coupe/cabriolet is said to be in the works.

When she arrives in production form, the will be the new entry-level Infiniti Q30, replacing the G37 sedan that production through the year 2015 model remains to bridge the gap in the line-up as the Mercedes deal spawns this first product.

As the 2014 Mercedes CLA, the Q30 be charged with the raft of compact cars from luxury car manufacturers, everything from the 2015 Audi A3 to the Buick Verano to beat back. Although it seems clearly to be a hatchback, Infiniti is challenging that bias, evoking the Q30 Concept a mix of coupe, crossover, and hatchback.

There are some other details, but the Q30 makes its debut at the Frankfurt show on 10 September. An on-sale date of 2015 is likely, given the G37 new expiration date. There is also some suggestion that after the Q30 is launched, a crossover version called the QX30 could be launched.

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