Official: Cadillac CTS Vsport laps at the Nurburgring in 8: 14.10 [w/video]

You don’t need to be German to benchmark your vehicle at the Nürburging  <> . You simply have to be seriously interested in beating the Germans in their own backyard or home turf. That is why Nissan  <>  tests its GT-R  <>  at the Nordschleife to outpace the Porsche 911  <> , and exactly why Cadillac  <>  – that is no less seriously interested in putting up a battle to German overall performance sedans – has came back to the ‘Ring once more with its latest.

This time it is the turn of the brand new CTS  <>  Vsport, the sportier edition of Cadillac’s brand new mid-variety sedan that aims to bridge the gap before arrival of another CTS-V  <> . Therefore how’d it fare? By the end of what we’re certain was an exhaustive check session, the brand new CTS Vsport clocked a period of 8:14.10.

To place that into context, Common Motors highlights that enough time places the brand new sedan six seconds prior to the first-gen CTS-V, whose 400-hp V8 engine was really less potent compared to the Vsport’s brand new 410hp 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6. That’s still an excellent fifteen seconds slower compared to the outgoing CTS-V that clocked a 7:59 in ’09 2009 using its 556hp supercharged V8, but just a second behind the Electronic60-generation BMW M5  <>  using its high-revving 500hp V10.

That’s mighty amazing indeed, and we can not wait to notice what another CTS-V can handle. The four-door crown currently is one of the Porsche Panamera  <>  Turbo S that arranged a 7:52.20 in 2011. Simply sayin’. Scope out the online video and news release below  </2013/08/28/cadillac-cts-vsport-nurburgring-video/> .

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My opinion

One immediate point I thought of when reading this article on was the simple fact Nissan has tested the Nissan Skyline GT-R at the Nordschleife at least in part with Dirk Schoysman.  However in my opinion Cadillac needs to do more than just set a laptime on a German track if the company wants to get more market share.


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