Official: Edmunds settles with marketing firm accused of faking dealers reviews

Yelp and foursquare-like humanity Design has also created fake reviews of earlier. Press release for settlement is posted below as is the original release announcing the lawsuit in July. Show full PR reaches settlement with the company is accused of sending deceptive car dealer ratings and reviews

SANTA MONICA, California, on August 28, 2013/PRNewswire/–, the premier resource for car shopping and automotive information, announced today that it has reached an agreement with humanity Design Ltd, who were charged with fraud and breach of contract, membership in a lawsuit filed last month in Texas. it after it examined humanity’s enrollment of nearly 2200 faked accounts on the site, as humanity used to try to send content to sway opinions on the car shoppers ‘ s dealer customer rating pages.

As part of the settlement with humanity to agree:

Submit to a permanent ban not register users on, not to submit reviews, do not participate in’s online community, and does not violate the site’s membership agreement.
Provide information on all accounts registered and all reviews the submitted to
Paying an undisclosed amount to’s legal fees.

“This is without a doubt a victory not only for the millions of online users who rely on the dealership reviews and ratings from Fellow car shoppers, but also for the thousands of honest retailers who embrace authentic customer feedback,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Seth Berkowitz. “We will continue to leave the screen each review submitted to our site and we will not hesitate to fire back against anyone who tries to compromise the conditions of our user agreement.”

Man’s own marketing materials had previously identified 15 review sites that it was prepared to put up reviews that are similar to the claimed was fraudulent. Humanity’s “support site” list includes Google

View the Original article


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