Read this: Chrysler “at war” with the world’s largest Viper club?

The situation was bound to boil over at any time. Grumblings from former and current members of the Viper Club of America and letters from Chrysler to VCA president Lee Stubberfield, argues that not-for-profit Club run illegal as a for-profit company, reports.

The trouble reportedly started in 2007, when the VCA member and former national club president Chris Marshall claimed to have taken the paid position at the Club with the permission of the Deputy members. By 2010, with the demise of the Dodge Viper threatening, made VCA reportedly a deal with Chrysler to acquire a stash of old parts and tools for the Viper. The old parts and tools would then be sold by the newly formed Viper parts of America, a company that was supposed to be run by Marshall, reports

This has the characteristics of a dodgy business or at least a conflict of interest. And it is said the VCA will not hesitate to suspend for a year or more membership for those who oppose it.

Read the article and the accompanying letters from Chrysler to find out how the drama unfolds. But it’s not over yet; we will stay tuned here. Related Gallery 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10

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Does this sort of behavior really surprise anyone these days?  People are still going to use positions of power for personal gain.  Now this sort of problem is going to cause trouble for Chrysler and the Dodge Viper by creating some negative publicity.  However I’ve seen people mention there is no such thing as bad PR.


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