The safest cars by 2013

With regards to selling vehicles, safety markets. We realize that wasn’t usually the case; however in today’s market, nearly all new-car shoppers do worth how well an automobile will safeguard them in a crash-or how it could help them prevent one altogether.

Trouble is, between your two U.S. companies that carry out crash tests-the Nationwide Highway Traffic Protection Administration (NHTSA), and the Insurance plan Institute for Highway Basic safety (IIHS)-there’s plenty of information to distill. Also to compound matters, the test outcomes from both of these agencies aren’t usually in agreement.

We already help to make sense of this in the Safety portion of each full review at The Car Connection, and that is a great place to begin when cross-shopping models prior to you heading to the dealership. Also to make this information a lot more useful to those that want among the safest new vehicles, we’ve done some extra sorting to filter the best of the greatest.

In order to develop this set of safest cars, we viewed vehicles that earn best scores in both (sorry, Tesla Motors) federal and IIHS crash-test programs. Very first we separated out versions that obtain NHTSA five-star scores general, frontal, and part (allowing 4 celebrities for rollover): after that we viewed which of these models also be eligible for the IIHS Top Basic safety Pick+ nod.

That culled the choice right down to just ten vehicles. Nonetheless it should be noted there are likely many luxury-brand automobiles that also meet up with the same (or better) degree of occupant protection. Because of the relatively low sales quantity (and high sticker costs), several luxury-brand models are overlooked of testing-especially by the government.

Crash-test ratings are just a starting point

But there’s a lot more to basic safety than crash checks. Before you dismiss basic safety as something you can’t test-drive, there are many other components of safety that have too much to do together with your impressions when driving. Handling, outward visibility, as well as your convenience with the driving placement all play a role in accident avoidance. Not to mention you can find the advanced-technology accident-avoidance functions like blind-spot systems,

If you’re searching for used cars, it’s beneficial to likewise incorporate a model’s real-world report of insurance coverage losses-which the IIHS provides attemptedto normalize for real-world elements like driver age group and location-in addition to its crash-test rankings. But please remember that the newest batch of automobiles covered is usually for 2009 through 2011 model years, and due to the rate of which vehicle structures are increasingly being improved and new security features are increasingly being introduced, these information are highly relevant to the 2013 or 2014 model many years in hardly any cases.

Our list includes a mixture of 2013 and 2014 models because, during posting, the safety companies haven’t yet extended 2013 rankings oftentimes. With subtle safety-function and structural changes occasionally enough to produce a difference in star rankings between model yrs, we’re resisting the desire to act rashly in some of the cases, although many will basically carry over their 2013 rankings to the 2014 model season.

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And now random opinion from Chris Ilson

Yes, I have to disclaim that I love racing, racing video games and on rare occasions that love will trickle out into the real world and nearly result in a speeding ticket.  But there is one problem with that sort of thinking.  The type of person who is always thinking about performance and horsepower isn’t always going to be thinking of vehicle safety.  I know I don’t.  In my opinion safety only matters when the I becomes we.  As in boy racer becomes Mister Family Man.

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