First drive: 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S

Although the outgoing type 997 Turbo is still a formidable street car, Porsche engineers knew they would be able to raise the bar with the brand new type-991, as his platform is far superior. In addition to fresh chassis with an aluminum-steel composite construction that is stiffer and 13 per cent lighter than its predecessor, the new Turbo models feature a slew of significant upgrades in addition to the already can Carrera and Carrera s. These include all-wheel steering, Adaptive aerodynamics, a Redesigned all-wheel-drive system and a powerful engine. Flagship Turbo S model is pushing the envelope further, with standard active Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), ceramic brakes (PCCB), wider forged wheels, LED lights and unique badging.

The new Turbo models are much broader than even fat bodied Carrera 4 models.

The transformation from the standard Carrera to Turbo means more than the addition of two variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers. It is a comprehensive process that affects almost all mechanical aspects of the vehicle, and most of the improvements are still buried beneath the car’s new bodywork.

Speaking of looks, in the late 70s and early 80s, passersby had no trouble distinguishing the early 930 Turbo from its smaller brethren — its wildly flared rear quarters and distinctive ‘ whale tail ‘ spoiler was a dead giveaway from a quarter-mile down the road. While many lament the fact that this aggressive styling had been lost with the newer models, Porsche trend with this latest iteration. The new Turbo models are much broader than even fat bodied Carrera 4 models (with a full 1.1 inches) and their rear flanks have a flat surface “of more than one hand width” on each side to drive home the point. Seen from a distance, particularly from the back, is the new fender sculpture aggressive and purposeful.

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