Long term: 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: July/August 2013

If you have been reading the past updates on the extended road test of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo at <http://www.autoblog.com/long-term-garage/2013-hyundai-veloster/> , you might have noticed a pattern developing. This can be a flawed vehicle. Not really critically so, but also for quite a few editors, this vehicle’s irritating attributes are certainly outweighing the nice. What might not be obvious, though, can be that the deck is usually kind of stacked contrary to the Turbo model.

See, a Veloster  <http://www.autoblog.com/hyundai/veloster/>  using its base powertrain and much less of the gimmicky, look-at-me styling is really a solid, fashion-forward, perfectly packaged hatchback at an excellent price. Our problems haven’t so much become with the Veloster itself, but with the unfulfilled objectives of hot-hatchery that the Turbo provides to the equation.

Because of this update, then, I’ll focus on a standard bridge between your two Veloster versions: the cars’ top-finish infotainment techniques. Tack on the Design and Tech packs on the typical Veloster or the best Package deal on a Veloster Turbo, and you will obtain the same Blue Hyperlink infotainment system, touchscreen routing and eight-speaker Dimension stereo (a typical product on the VT).

The system’s capabilities have huge variations from dull to mundane, though that’s not necessarily a negative thing. Hyundai  <http://www.autoblog.com/hyundai/>  performed it conservative when arranging the infotainment controls round the seven-inch touchscreen. Left of the screen will be the start factors for accessing the terrestrial radio, media techniques and XM Satellite Radio. On underneath will be the knobs for quantity and tuning, together with the phone, info/setup key, and the rocker key for transforming tracks. On the proper, we’ve the navigation controls.

While you focus on these buttons, almost all interactions occur on the display, a seven-inch user interface that rapidly responds to inputs, provides clear graphics, and is rather straightforward to utilize. The Veloster adds a couple of cool tech what to its arsenal because of Pandora integration and the Blue Link service.

Pandora works about and also it can on your own smartphone. It is possible to thumbs-up or thumbs-lower tracks and entry the mercilessly few skips afforded by the air service (six each hour, per station).

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Some thoughts by Chris Ilson

Can’t really sugar coat this opinion which could be seen as evil.  The retail price for a vehicle with similar looks would have to be rather cheap.  I’m thinking under $14,000 USD.  However when the Veloster is looked at with budget in mind it might actually make sense.

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