Nissan Pathfinder, Infiniti JX in transmission safety probe

Nissan may be pushed to recall 110,000 Pathfinder and Infiniti JX35 crossovers, because of amount of customer complaints. Customers report suddenly losing strength, with restoration facilities blaming the problem on faulty transmitting cooler line connections. Both Pathfinder and JX35 work with a continuously variable transmission. By right now, the only real vehicles being investigated are usually from design year 2013.

Nissan has long been cooperating with the Nationwide Highway Traffic Basic safety Administration, according to a written report from Reuters, and contains developed a repair for the affected automobiles. It isn’t clear whether this can turn into a full-blown recall, as there were no known situations of injuries or crashes. But with a possible 110,000 vehicles susceptible to sudden power reduction, a recall appears to be a likely outcome.

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And now more random opinion from Chris Ilson

I’m not entirely shocked to see this bit of news.  It must be said once more that Nissan had wonderful reliability when the vehicles were being built in Japan.  Sadly it appears the march of progress and being forced to stay competitive in such a highly aggressive market has pushed Nissan to make some bad choices.  This opinion might be formed out of knowledge of Nissan vehicles with the traditional clutch type automatic transmissions versus the newer Constant Velocity Transmissions.  CVT transmissions are great.  Less moving parts to fail over time and a smoother driving experience.  But I’ll prefer to keep my old clutch type transmission until every last bolt disentergrates.


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