Report: Daimler and Nissan to build luxury cars in a new factory in Mexico

A couple of years back, when Daimler  <>  wanted somebody to spread the expense of development of small vehicles, it decided to collaborate  <>  with Nissan  <>  on future products, such as for example vehicle systems and drivetrains. The most recent growth in the collaboration worries the assembly of little luxury vehicles for Infiniti  <>  and Mercedes-Benz  <>  at a Nissan plant in Mexico, two unnamed sources told Reuters  <; .

The plant involved, Aguascalientes, is really a $2 billion project that may open later this season next to a preexisting Nissan factory. The forthcoming Infiniti Q30  <>  four-door hatchback is likely to be built there, probably alongside the Mercedes GLA-Class  <; , that is one of the candidates Mercedes is thinking of to build as of this facility, Reuters reviews. The GLA will debut at the Frankfurt Engine Show  <>  this month, and preliminary production of the design will take invest Germany. The Q30 could follow an identical path, with assembly beginning at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the united kingdom, and expanding to Aguascalientes down the road.

The underlying system of the Q30 and GLA, codenamed New Era Compact Car (NGCC), originated by Daimler. The Q30 will be the first Infiniti produced beneath the automakers’ agreement. This past year, Nissan decided to make engines  <>  that could find their method into Mercedes and Infiniti automobiles.

The NGCC platform furthermore forms the foundation of the Mercedes CLA-Class  <>  sedan that continues on sale this 30 days, and the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive  <; , that ought to reach showrooms next summer time, Reuters reviews, but those automobiles are slated to become built-in Hungary and Rastatt, Germany, respectively.

News Source: Reuters  <;

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Opinion from Chris Ilson

Here is one of those news articles where you glance at then hope you just imagined the whole thing.  No way could this be true.  Only time can tell if this move is a smart one but I can safely say my opinion is unchanging even if perceived as evil.  Nissan always was the Japanese car manufractuer.  Now with this news the quality originally assoicated with Nissan is slightly suspect.

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