Do the deep dive: BMW really needs Toyota?

Illustrations by: Radovan Varicak size important in the automotive industry. Largest automakers can cut to get better deals with suppliers and may subsidize expensive technologies. BMW is here, at a clear disadvantage. Audi can rely on the Volkswagen Group for economies of scale, and Mercedes-Benz has designed agreements with Renault and Nissan/Infiniti. BMW has sought ways to increase the volume on its own. It has entered almost all market segments and invented a little more (do 5 Gran Turismo series, anyone?). Also worthwhile; is exploding Mini for all vale as we have informed, the two brands will share a front wheel drive architecture and several engines in the future. However, it is unclear how much more BMW you can squeeze out of luxury vehicles and a brand British kitsch. Although automaker maintains record sales record, baseline not shines so brightly already because of fleet sales and price wars are taking its toll. The Bavarians needed a bigger partner. Much larger. At this point we can only inform possibilities, not done deals. Those who pass through the R & D Center in Munich can enjoy a number growing Toyota GT86 coupes (Scion FR-S) with Belgian plates, a fleet of vans Toyota Verso with engines diesel BMW and a solitary Lexus LFA. As in any society, each side has something the other wants. Toyota is mainly interested in innovations of BMW carbon fiber and its unrivalled experience in the dynamics of vehicles. BMW is willing to dig in the investigation of Toyota in hybrid and fuel transmission batteries. Both sides, meanwhile, see an urgent need to update their sports alignments.

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