At first glance 2014 BMW Coupé series 2

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BMW has broken the coupe 2 series in two different models, the 228i and the M235i. The first uses an inline-4 Turbo engine 2.0 liter that produces 240 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. With the standard six-speed manual transmission, BMW predicted ratings of fuel economy of 22/34 mpg (city/highway); the optional eight-speed automatic is waiting for you that we return 23/35 mpg. The 228i also promises a sprint 5.4 seconds to 60 mph when using the mode of Control of release of eight-speed transmission, as well as a top speed limited to 155 miles per hour, depending on the options of packaging or 130 mph. Despite the impressive performance figures, the 228i still has a clear focus on efficiency. Engine stop-start is standard, as a characteristic “coasting” which can disconnect the engine from the automatic transmission when the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator. Models with navigation system have a feature called active driving assistant that tells the driver when begin to afford for a corner, junction or lower limit of speed forward. The BMW Coupe 228i will be offered in two “lines” in addition to the standard configuration. Sports line adds 18 inch wheels, multicolor, outdoor environmental lighting glossy black trim and a choice between the inner wood or brushed aluminum trim. The M sport line has a sport suspension that lowers the car 0.4 inch, wheels-double spoke 18-inch, a tip Chrome exhaust, new side skirts and fascias with large inputs of air, aluminum door sill plates, unique graphic instruments and sport front seats. The BMW M235i, meanwhile, has an engine turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-six classified by 322 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, enough to send it to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds with the manual transmission six-speed or 4.8 seconds with launch of the automatic Transmission Control function eight speeds. Maximum speed is limited to 155 mph. fuel economy for the M235i is expected to be 22/32 mpg with transmission automatic and 19/28 mpg with the manual transmission. As a performance-oriented version, the BMW M235i also comes standard with larger brakes, a body kit more bold, dampers, Adaptive suspension in two ways, staggered wheels 18 inch with tyres Michelin Pilot Super Sport, sport of variable-effort of direction and height of less than 0.4 inch to the 228i. Customers can opt for 19 inch wheels performance M; a performance suspension M which decrease another 0.4 inch suspension and shock absorbers springs and firmer painted red; and a sport braking M update with large cross drilled brake discs, four-piston front calipers / calipers rear brake and a selection of yellow, orange or red-painted callipers. As standard, a function called active brake differential (ABD-sport) uses the brakes to control the rotation of the wheel, but customers can also pay extra for a mechanical limited-slip differential. Visually, the BMW M235i renowned for the body kit mentioned above, which includes special aerodynamic fins rather than the 228i fog. Front seats of the sport, a lined M leather steering wheel, a star of anthracite, interior trim aluminium and coats of leather for the shifter and parking brake distinguish inside. The M235i can also be optioned in Estoril blue paint, as well as any of the 12 colors offered in the 228i. It will also give blue trim in the keychain and unique graphics red for the instrument cluster. With the 2014 2 Series, BMW has taken the virtues of the outgoing 1 series coupe’s smaller size and sports profile and updated with performance, technology and design from the rest of the alignment of the brand. While the impressive 228i input reasonable price and fuel economy will provide a springboard for many new customers of BMW, are more excited by the high performance of the M235i offer. Pick up the torch by BMW performance two-door and us tide until they eventually M4 coupe and M3 sedan. Prices for the 2014 BMW 228i coupe begins at $33.025, including a $925 destination charge, while the M235i costs $44.025.

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Report: Panoz to kick off production of racecars street legal in this month

on the basis of one-time client, on the street, “says John a. Leverett, Panoz LLC Vice President of sales.”If you want a Panoz GTR-1 on the street, we will produce for you. If you want a roadster, we will do for you. ” He went on to say that cars new chassis, carbon/aluminum, new transmission, and custom Interior.

Speaking of the roadster Leverett noted, assume that it means Panoz Roadster (pictured in the foreground), which was the first car company in 1990. Also it is not known how the Esperante and its many variants, but it looks like a little V8-powered sports car more than a little like the Ariel Atom with body cladding-and just as fun. (Just don’t call him mini-Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler)Source of information: the strength of the Info

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Official: Audi reveals special A5 DTM Champion edition

Show full PR textIngolstadt, 2013-10-17
Audi A5 Coupé as special edition DTM model

– Exclusive limited edition equipment and trim
– “A5 DTM Champion” package priced at 1,900 euros

Audi is celebrating the success of Mike Rockenfeller with the special edition “A5 DTM Champion” model. Production of the model is limited to 300 units and will not only excite fans of “Rocky”. With victory in Zandvoort, the Audi works driver won the 2013 DTM season with races to spare, thus securing his first ever title in the popular touring car series.

Attractive extras emphasize the individuality of the special edition model: DTM badges on the door sill trims, the fenders and the side sills add further styling touches. Other special features are the fixed rear wing in body color and exterior mirrors in aluminum look. 20-inch cast aluminum wheels in 5 V-spoke design round out the equipment list. This special package is priced at 1,900 euros.

The special edition A5 DTM Champion model can be ordered from October 21 and is available in the colors Misano red, Daytona gray and Glacier white. There is a choice of four engines: 2.0 TDI quattro with 130 kW (177 hp), 3.0 TDI quattro with 180 kW (245 hp), 2.0 TFSI quattro with 165 kW (225 hp) and 3.0 TFSI quattro with 200 kW (272 hp).News Source: Audi

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2014 E550 Mercedes-Benz: White Heat

Photographs: Andrew Yeadon Editor Note: this is the second of eight automobile fantasies of our printed edition in November 2013. I will post fantasies in the coming weeks at Look for the issue on newsstands now or download our iPad Edition to read them all. There is no other place on the planet where can I find the combination of natural elements that created this photograph of fantasy. We are in the White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico, where high mountains, extreme variations in temperature, wind, a high water table and plaster rock formations have created an extension of pure white sand that stretches across a 275-square-mile. Our transport is a 2014 convertible Mercedes-Benz E550, and through his windshield the landscape seems to Alaska in winter. Everything is white. My eyes tell me: “Snow – prepare icy conditions”. I even applied the brakes to test the handle.

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Opinion Has chilled fire Tesla cars on the market?

Paul a. Eisenstein is the Publisher of and 30-year veteran automotive beat. His articles bring his unique perspective and deep understanding of the world auto to Autoblog readers on a regular basis.
Due to the closure of the Federal Government’s normal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not take place. But by the end of the week, social media savvy Musk has been blogging and tweeting away, explaining that the Tesla model S owner echo internal investigation initial report: a large chunk of road metal debris, he explained, he had punched a hole three inch in armor, designed to protect the battery from damage routine sedan.

In turn, part of the compact, setting off the glow of that owner Robert Carlson said, “pictures are really overdoing it.” Well it seems that alert system the car actually recommends Carlson pull on and exit the Model S in front of the flames can be seen or felt, possibly saving his life.

However, the musk is not the only one who is talking about fire and bloggers and traditional journalists both do not necessarily have been as charitable, as he pleases. Indeed, even normally friendly media outlets as NPR have lumped the incident other recent battery fires, the Chevy Volt, the karmas Fisker-and a great Boeing 787. The so-called Dreamliner looked more like air nightmare when your own backup system of lithium ion battery caught fire on a plane JAL earlier this year, leading to a temporary grounding of the entire fleet of 787.

This is “just a blip,” as analyst George Peterson, AutoPacific, Inc., suggests? Or is Tesla fire cast chill over not only a Model S but the entire market battery electric vehicle?

There is no doubt that the construction vehicle sales have been falling also waiting supporters.

There is no doubt that the construction vehicle sales have been falling from followers to wait, especially if you can rule out the traditional hybrids-Toyota Prius in particular. You can actually join the Prius Plug-in, as Japanese manufacturer this week was forced to trim the price of this model range extended over $ 4,620. Sales of the Prius Plug-ins have been disabled by as much as 30 percent in September.

The Chevy Volt was down 47 percent, while Nissan fell Leaf, which had been gaining momentum, earlier this year, 19 percent. Even the Tesla Model S, also before the fire of Seattle, fell 20 percent after the company forecast for the first eight months of the year 2013.

True, the entire US car market fell in September for the first time in more than two years, and analysts have warned that a large part of the decline was caused by Flukes in the manner in which have been reported in the last month. But the battery car sales fell in September, but more sharply than the overall industry decline, even as some of the biggest, most fuel thirsty machines, such as the Ford F-Series, picked up momentum.

The battery car sales fell in September, but more sharply than the overall industry decline.

So there is a good reason to watch the October in selling batteries for the car quite closely. Will all the arcs Model S, indeed, a blip on the screen as the media moves attention to such things as the Washington budget crisis, the SUV assault/cyclist in New York-and the latest PR stunt by Miley Cyrus?

Even without fire battery-based vehicles were difficult to sell. Toyota was just the latest coffee maker to slash prices to attract buyers reluctant to lounges. About the only one who doesn’t take this step yet was Tesla. It may also have come up with incentives, if sales slip?

When it comes to investors time Tesla do not normalize for a long time. Analyst Peterson suggests “event” could just be “giving investors reasons to sell” some time and reap profits after it had made earlier this year. Even at $ 163 a share who deal with Tesla’s time for more than a few months made a bandit as high tech.

Several key analysts are now suggesting the company is no longer flying, like Icarus, a little too close to the Sun.

Time is growing in fits and starts, in recent days, jumping $ 4.15 in Thursday that saw Wall Street a collective sigh of relief as Washington breathe seemed ready to avoid payment of debts of the Government. But Tesla will reach previous highs? Several key analysts are now suggesting the company is no longer flying, like Icarus, a little too close to the Sun. Report a bad third quarter earnings may lead to even faster than the fire S.

Then again, musk and the company has been quite successful in turning the usually skeptical of the media to your advantage. It is possible that Tesla will bounce back, even as the rest of the electric car market struggles-and how competing companies like Fisker fold.

But at the moment, even if we do not see another fire, electric vehicle market clearly needs to recharge their batteries in a hurry. source of information: Aj Gill by YouTube

Image credit: Aj Gill by YouTube

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