Log: Chevy performance presents Camaro factory built performance upgrades

There’s nothing like a part of the construction of the factory, especially the variety performance: can be done faster, often without voiding the warranty of the vehicle. Take the Chevrolet Camaro, for example, and imagine being able to replace some of the most important parts of a model ZL1 SS or V6. Well, that is now a reality because performance Chevrolet announced that it offers a slew of high-performance parts for high-performance V8 and, in particular, the supercharged Camaro models for installation on other models in the range.

The efficiency of the factory will sell anything from a set of brake ZL1 SS or the base model (Note: these calipers require a 20-inch wheels) to the suspension settings 1LE Camaros service, CNC ported heads the LS3 and LS7 camshaft give your Camaro SS up to 40 km.

Chevy notes that most of these do not void your warranty, but the Group did not say whether the fuel pump, fuel system and rear ZL1 ZL1 LS3/LS7 head and camshaft package are completely secured or not. Due to the nature of more involving these improvements that affect engine operation or may require additional parts that are not provided by the Chevy, we can assume, if it is installed, they void the vehicle warranty.

Take a look below to see a complete list of factory performance parts for sale Chevrolet Performance. Related GalleryChevrolet part of the Camaro performance performance release

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