Report: Panoz to kick off production of racecars street legal in this month

on the basis of one-time client, on the street, “says John a. Leverett, Panoz LLC Vice President of sales.”If you want a Panoz GTR-1 on the street, we will produce for you. If you want a roadster, we will do for you. ” He went on to say that cars new chassis, carbon/aluminum, new transmission, and custom Interior.

Speaking of the roadster Leverett noted, assume that it means Panoz Roadster (pictured in the foreground), which was the first car company in 1990. Also it is not known how the Esperante and its many variants, but it looks like a little V8-powered sports car more than a little like the Ariel Atom with body cladding-and just as fun. (Just don’t call him mini-Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler)Source of information: the strength of the Info

Image credit: Ric Feld AP

Category: motor sports, convertible, Coupe, performance, racing

Tags: panoz, panoz esperante, the panoz roadster, panoz cars street legal street racecars

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