2015 Lexus RC opens in 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

“javascript: $(this) .attr (‘src’, ‘http://static.automobilemag.com/_SiteConfigs/automobilemag_com/images/no_photo_100px.gif’);” If (0 see all 24 photos 2015 Lexus RC in these first pictures seems to not have received the treatment f-sport, so we wonder if these modifications could provide a more aggressive look to the RC as they do in the.) We hope that the Lexus LF-A-inspired caliber the F-deporte cluster makes his way to the RC. The general design of the interior of Lexus RC is practically a copy of the sedan is, with a cabin – as they sit with the Board on levels. The center of the stack is composed of capacitive touch controls and small buttons for the audio system, along with mouse – like Infotainment Lexus driver ‘. Lexus says that the RC will receive new interior colors, including a clipping color called nail, to provide a high-contrast appearance. 2015 Lexus RC depends on the same platform as Lexus IS, but with a little shorter wheelbase and a track wide. The RC is also a little lower and longer than the sedan. We hope that the coupe Lexus RC 2015 featuring the same powertrain lineup as he is in the United States, that comes with any 2.5 liter, 204 horsepower V-6 in the IS250 or a 3.5 liter, 306-horsepower V-6. All-wheel-drive should be an option with both engines as it is with the sedan, and is expected for the Coupe RC f-sport package also. Sedan models come with an automatic transmission six-speed on all IS250 models and models IS350 all-wheel-drive, with an eight speed automatic traction rear-IS350 models. Lexus should be revealing powertrain details closer to the date of U.S. sale of the automobile, which also is unknown at this time. We are also more eager to know about the next model of high-performance Lexus RC F. Since sedan Lexus is F outgoing soldiers by 2014, could be a time until RC-F debuts. Set to compete against the BMW M4, RC F supposedly will feature a new 5.0 liter V-8 engine producing around 450 horsepower. For now, however, visit the Gallery of Lexus RC 2015 and looking for the new Lexus coupe hit the floor in 2013 Tokyo Auto salon in two weeks.

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