Opinion Has chilled fire Tesla cars on the market?

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Due to the closure of the Federal Government’s normal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not take place. But by the end of the week, social media savvy Musk has been blogging and tweeting away, explaining that the Tesla model S owner echo internal investigation initial report: a large chunk of road metal debris, he explained, he had punched a hole three inch in armor, designed to protect the battery from damage routine sedan.

In turn, part of the compact, setting off the glow of that owner Robert Carlson said, “pictures are really overdoing it.” Well it seems that alert system the car actually recommends Carlson pull on and exit the Model S in front of the flames can be seen or felt, possibly saving his life.

However, the musk is not the only one who is talking about fire and bloggers and traditional journalists both do not necessarily have been as charitable, as he pleases. Indeed, even normally friendly media outlets as NPR have lumped the incident other recent battery fires, the Chevy Volt, the karmas Fisker-and a great Boeing 787. The so-called Dreamliner looked more like air nightmare when your own backup system of lithium ion battery caught fire on a plane JAL earlier this year, leading to a temporary grounding of the entire fleet of 787.

This is “just a blip,” as analyst George Peterson, AutoPacific, Inc., suggests? Or is Tesla fire cast chill over not only a Model S but the entire market battery electric vehicle?

There is no doubt that the construction vehicle sales have been falling also waiting supporters.

There is no doubt that the construction vehicle sales have been falling from followers to wait, especially if you can rule out the traditional hybrids-Toyota Prius in particular. You can actually join the Prius Plug-in, as Japanese manufacturer this week was forced to trim the price of this model range extended over $ 4,620. Sales of the Prius Plug-ins have been disabled by as much as 30 percent in September.

The Chevy Volt was down 47 percent, while Nissan fell Leaf, which had been gaining momentum, earlier this year, 19 percent. Even the Tesla Model S, also before the fire of Seattle, fell 20 percent after the company forecast for the first eight months of the year 2013.

True, the entire US car market fell in September for the first time in more than two years, and analysts have warned that a large part of the decline was caused by Flukes in the manner in which have been reported in the last month. But the battery car sales fell in September, but more sharply than the overall industry decline, even as some of the biggest, most fuel thirsty machines, such as the Ford F-Series, picked up momentum.

The battery car sales fell in September, but more sharply than the overall industry decline.

So there is a good reason to watch the October in selling batteries for the car quite closely. Will all the arcs Model S, indeed, a blip on the screen as the media moves attention to such things as the Washington budget crisis, the SUV assault/cyclist in New York-and the latest PR stunt by Miley Cyrus?

Even without fire battery-based vehicles were difficult to sell. Toyota was just the latest coffee maker to slash prices to attract buyers reluctant to lounges. About the only one who doesn’t take this step yet was Tesla. It may also have come up with incentives, if sales slip?

When it comes to investors time Tesla do not normalize for a long time. Analyst Peterson suggests “event” could just be “giving investors reasons to sell” some time and reap profits after it had made earlier this year. Even at $ 163 a share who deal with Tesla’s time for more than a few months made a bandit as high tech.

Several key analysts are now suggesting the company is no longer flying, like Icarus, a little too close to the Sun.

Time is growing in fits and starts, in recent days, jumping $ 4.15 in Thursday that saw Wall Street a collective sigh of relief as Washington breathe seemed ready to avoid payment of debts of the Government. But Tesla will reach previous highs? Several key analysts are now suggesting the company is no longer flying, like Icarus, a little too close to the Sun. Report a bad third quarter earnings may lead to even faster than the fire S.

Then again, musk and the company has been quite successful in turning the usually skeptical of the media to your advantage. It is possible that Tesla will bounce back, even as the rest of the electric car market struggles-and how competing companies like Fisker fold.

But at the moment, even if we do not see another fire, electric vehicle market clearly needs to recharge their batteries in a hurry. source of information: Aj Gill by YouTube

Image credit: Aj Gill by YouTube

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Report: French President says that the country’s auto industry will rebound with robots, autonomous cars

French president Francois Hollande chris ilson butterfly wiki

French president Francois Hollande

Like many countries all over the world, the recent global overall economy has hit France particularly hard, and its own government is looking for methods to turn that around. According to Reuters  <http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/12/france-industry-idUSL5N0H73T020130912&gt; , French president Francois Hollande (pictured above) is hoping that a couple of advanced transportation technologies will spur job and economy growth in the united kingdom. Proclaiming “France is a nation of inventors, pioneers and producers,” Hollande is reportedly phoning upon his country’s background of innovation to prospect it out of today’s financial malaise.

Among these ideas can be an autonomous car created by Renault-Nissan  , an “ultra-fuel-efficient” automobile from Peugeot    economically priced at 20,000 euros ($26,700 US) and also an electric-powered airplane. The article states that French automakers like Renault    and Peugeot are increasingly being restricted with regards to manufacturing by employment laws and regulations and high labor costs, but an elevated usage of robots could also help improve France’s manufacturing presence.

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Chris Ilson opinion

I’ve got to say this news seems very risky to me.  A country putting their future into the hands of transportation advancements could end up going very wrong.  French president Francois Hollande would be wise to look to the past, especially at the past of the United States during the great depression.  The Government has to create jobs and spend money in order to boost the economy.  If you look at the landscape of automakers, you’ll find plenty of news about autonmous cars being researched.

ETC.: Top Gear picks their 50 greatest cars from the past 20 years

Our friends at Best Gear (the united kingdom TV show) are celebrating the publication’s twentieth birthday. Honoring that milestone, the BBC-owned book can be naming what it thinks will be the 50 greatest cars from days gone by 20 years. Now, that is TG’s list, this means it’s a little more centered on European brands and versions.

For instance, the Vauxhall Ampera is usually listed, as opposed to the Chevrolet Volt, and the only real American performance car may be the Ford GT – you can find no Vipers, no Corvettes, no muscle cars. Needless to say, gleam distinct insufficient cars from Jaguar, aswell, therefore the list isn’t very as blatantly Eurocentric since it appears on very first blush.

Still, there are numerous of items that are no-brainers, plus a several quirky choices which could only result from a magazine as irreverent as Top Equipment (Dacia Duster anyone?). All told, it’s a fascinating look at some significantly interesting cars. But you want to know very well what you imagine. Chime in straight down in the Remarks, and tell us which vehicles you imagine deserve their location, which vehicles you imagine ought to be added, and without any business such illustrious company.

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Opinion from Chris Ilson:

Something is wrong with the article, Richard Hammond of Top Gear UK is a noted American muscle car fan.  In fact he even purchased either the new Challenger or new Charger some years back.  It also makes me wonder if the Top Gear 50 greatest car’s list would include a Lexus (haha Jeremy Clarkson thinks Lexus is evil or something!).  Even more bizzare is the Audi TT, which I thought Jeremy Clarkson hated.  No surprise at the car occupying the number 1 spot, I won’t spoil it however.


Exclusive: our day with Lamborghini Veneno in the desert

Twelve humans have got walked on the moon, however just three humans will possess a Lamborghini Veneno <http://www.autoblog.com/tag/lamborghini+veneno/>  coupe.

The Italian automaker promises that its most recent handcrafted $4 million supercar is certainly “extremely exclusive,” but we’d venture to call a gross understatement. Think about that Bugatti  <http://www.autoblog.com/bugatti/>  is producing 450 Veyrons, Ferrari  <http://www.autoblog.com/ferrari/>  designed 399 Enzos and Porsche  <http://www.autoblog.com/porsche/>  assembled simply 345 of its 959 supercars  <http://www.autoblog.com/tag/porsche+959/>  – you do not see some of those “extremely exclusive” vehicles on a good monthly basis. Right now ponder the news headlines that Lamborghini  <http://www.autoblog.com/lamborghini/>  can make only four completely homologated street-lawful Venenos, and selfishly provide only three of these for sale to the general public.

After grasping the productions quantities (or the shortage thereof), we think about ourselves rather lucky to possess secured the only real existing Veneno on earth for a recent photograph shoot in California’s Mojave Desert (needless to say we asked to operate a vehicle it, but no mass media has ever been permitted to drive it above strolling speeds). Following its arrival at the Geneva Engine Show  <http://www.autoblog.com/geneva-motor-show/>  earlier this season, the coupe produced its United states debut at the current Pebble Seaside Concours d’Elegance  <http://www.autoblog.com/tag/pebble+beach/&gt; . Your day after the display, it traveled by enclosed vehicle to your secret photo area before being wrapped upward securely and delivered by air back again to Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Standing on the Lamborghini, watching the hot sun reflect off its gray metallic-look paint, you can only think about the Veneno an exceptionally fascinating machine.

Lamborghini informed us that the two-seater was made to drive the envelope of style and entertain the automaker’s upcoming styling cues. In accordance with those who penned the form, its razor-sharpened, carbon fiber figure isn’t just edgy, aggressive, sinister and evil, it’s completely practical. Every details in the bodywork provides reportedly been constructed to optimize downforce, increase cooling and reduce drag very much the same as a racecar. Think about its front end a big aerodynamic wing, with channels to steer air over and round the windshield. The fenders are usually set from the body, as being a sports activity prototype racer, to improve airflow round the sides and feed atmosphere in to the radiators, brakes and consumption. The rear wing is certainly adjustable, and under the coupe is really a smooth underbelly to reduce turbulence and lift.

However the vehicle isn’t a completely clean-sheet design. Predicated on Lamborghini’s own Aventador  <http://www.autoblog.com/lamborghini/aventador/>  – a scene-stealing exotic by every definition of the word – the Veneno can be a physical exercise in lightweight composite creating technology. Although some aluminum subframes are distributed to its more prevalent sibling, the Veneno offers its specialized carbon-fiber monocoque tub, carbon-fiber entire body panels and an inside that has patented forged composite seats and woven carbon-fiber Carbonskin cloth (believe carbon-fiber fabric protected with a smooth and flexible resin). Where in fact the Aventador suggestions the scales at 3,472 lbs, the Veneno weighs simply 3,190 pounds.

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Some cheeky opinion from Chris Ilson

This is one of those rare cars that makes people ask the question “Why buy something with this much potential and performance, only to be forced driving the speed limits?”  Unless the owners are also race car drivers who can use performance vehicles to their absolute potential, it’s just a waste.  Who wants to argue that people who buy this car only do so to say “Look at me, I bought this!”

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Long term: 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: July/August 2013

If you have been reading the past updates on the extended road test of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo at <http://www.autoblog.com/long-term-garage/2013-hyundai-veloster/> , you might have noticed a pattern developing. This can be a flawed vehicle. Not really critically so, but also for quite a few editors, this vehicle’s irritating attributes are certainly outweighing the nice. What might not be obvious, though, can be that the deck is usually kind of stacked contrary to the Turbo model.

See, a Veloster  <http://www.autoblog.com/hyundai/veloster/>  using its base powertrain and much less of the gimmicky, look-at-me styling is really a solid, fashion-forward, perfectly packaged hatchback at an excellent price. Our problems haven’t so much become with the Veloster itself, but with the unfulfilled objectives of hot-hatchery that the Turbo provides to the equation.

Because of this update, then, I’ll focus on a standard bridge between your two Veloster versions: the cars’ top-finish infotainment techniques. Tack on the Design and Tech packs on the typical Veloster or the best Package deal on a Veloster Turbo, and you will obtain the same Blue Hyperlink infotainment system, touchscreen routing and eight-speaker Dimension stereo (a typical product on the VT).

The system’s capabilities have huge variations from dull to mundane, though that’s not necessarily a negative thing. Hyundai  <http://www.autoblog.com/hyundai/>  performed it conservative when arranging the infotainment controls round the seven-inch touchscreen. Left of the screen will be the start factors for accessing the terrestrial radio, media techniques and XM Satellite Radio. On underneath will be the knobs for quantity and tuning, together with the phone, info/setup key, and the rocker key for transforming tracks. On the proper, we’ve the navigation controls.

While you focus on these buttons, almost all interactions occur on the display, a seven-inch user interface that rapidly responds to inputs, provides clear graphics, and is rather straightforward to utilize. The Veloster adds a couple of cool tech what to its arsenal because of Pandora integration and the Blue Link service.

Pandora works about and also it can on your own smartphone. It is possible to thumbs-up or thumbs-lower tracks and entry the mercilessly few skips afforded by the air service (six each hour, per station).

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Some thoughts by Chris Ilson

Can’t really sugar coat this opinion which could be seen as evil.  The retail price for a vehicle with similar looks would have to be rather cheap.  I’m thinking under $14,000 USD.  However when the Veloster is looked at with budget in mind it might actually make sense.

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2014 Nissan Maxima priced; Starts at $ 31,000

The other day Nissan  <http://blogs.automotive.com/manufacturer/nissan/>  Motor Co. announced prices information for the 2014 Maxima flagship sedan  <http://blogs.automotive.com/vehicle-types/sedans/&gt; , that is currently for sale in dealerships in the united states. The brand new Maxima is powered by way of a 3.5-liter VQ-series V-6 motor paired with a typical Xtronic CVT with guide and Drive Sports activity modes, producing 290 hp. Paddle shifters may also be available on the brand new model.

The brand new 2014 Nissan Maxima now supplies a new Limited Edition Deal specifically for the 3.5 S versions. For $750, the bundle includes smoked look headlights, Xenon headlights, compass in rearview digital camera, 18-inch aluminum-alloy Darkish Hyper Silver wheels, back spoiler, fog lights, a metallic trim, and outdoors mirrors with integrated convert signals.

For the brand new model season, the Maxima is currently offered in two brand new external colors, Gun Metallic and Midnight Garnet. Regular on the SV design are a rearview keep track of, USB connectivity, 7-inch infotainment screen, satellite radio, and Xenon headlights.

Available functions for the 2014 Nissan Maxima add a Bose premium audio system, along with Nissan Hard disk drive Routing with NavTraffic real-period traffic details, NavWeather, and tone of voice commands. A satellite radio subscription must make use of NavTraffic and NavWeather, that is sold separately.

Prices for the 2014 Nissan Maxima, excluding the $810 location and handling charge, is below.

3.5 S: $31,000

3.5 SV: $34,090

Source: Nissan

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It’s opinion time

I also just this week saw news that Nissan is going to work with Daimler.  Even more shocking is the news that a new factory will be built in Mexico.  I’ve been a Nissan Maxima fan since 2000-2003 or the 5th generation.  Now as I recall those vehicles were fully built in the Japanese manufacturing plant.  As a result, the quality of those vehicles in my opinion was second to none.  It’s my opinion and I am sticking to it!  Even while being aware of other luxury brand vehicles.  Only time will tell how this news will be received by everyone.