Report: Panoz to kick off production of racecars street legal in this month

on the basis of one-time client, on the street, “says John a. Leverett, Panoz LLC Vice President of sales.”If you want a Panoz GTR-1 on the street, we will produce for you. If you want a roadster, we will do for you. ” He went on to say that cars new chassis, carbon/aluminum, new transmission, and custom Interior.

Speaking of the roadster Leverett noted, assume that it means Panoz Roadster (pictured in the foreground), which was the first car company in 1990. Also it is not known how the Esperante and its many variants, but it looks like a little V8-powered sports car more than a little like the Ariel Atom with body cladding-and just as fun. (Just don’t call him mini-Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler)Source of information: the strength of the Info

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Report: VW split merge TN plant

“They will, they will not be” back and forth in United Auto worker courting Volkswagen Chattanooga plant is still in full swing, the Union, German and American managers and most importantly, employees try to figure out just what the future labour relations will be at the plant, which sits in the State the right to work.

The drama of the proceedings left the plant workers, fractures, with the Union claiming that more than half of all workers for unionization, and the 600-strong petition is distributed opposition, the United Auto Workers. There is now a hourly plant employees 1,567 Chattanooga, which currently builds the Passat sedan, and the plant is being considered for future crossover of three rows.

American executives, meanwhile, are for organizing officers, similar to what is used in the German VW. Volkswagen’s Board of Directors, however, recognizes the political predicament, it is in the factory, where the wrong move can hurt relationships with politicians and investors, according to Automotive News. We’ve seen responses Chattanooga unionization with Sen. Bob Corker, after all. German leadership pushing for a secret by workers, as a means of protecting the VW brand.

UAW, for its part, is pushing for a voluntary Union recognition by Volkswagen, although based on past alleged practices, is not clear if the UAW worker is legally support claims. As always we will continue after this one. source: Automotive News-sub. req.

Image credit: Erik Schelzig AP

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Report: Saudi cleric under fire after saying a woman’s risk of ovarian pain, if they drive

In Saudi Arabia, where only men can get a driver’s license, a conservative cleric is drawing criticism by saying that the woman’s risk of damage their ovaries and the procreation of children with clinical problems, if they drive, The Guardian reports.

Cleric, Sheikh Saad bin Saleh al-Lohaidan, comments in an interview after the last campaign by opposition ban on female drivers. Lohaidan reportedly says women involved in the campaign, in which the site has been blocked in the Kingdom, “the reason for their hearts, emotions and passions,” and not the drive.

The campaign of the opposition called for women drivers to defy the ban and drive cars in a protest on 26 October. According to a report by the ban on women drivers is not actually law, but only men have the possibility of obtaining a driving licence. The country is preparing to lift a ban on five years ago, but the plan did not pan out.

Justification explains Lohaidan prohibition as such: “If a woman driving a car, not necessarily clean, which may have negative physiological effects as functional and physiological medical research has shown that automatically affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis up,” The Guardian reports. No detailed medical studies were cited for explaining. source: the guardian

Image credit: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

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Report: Ford’s Mulally’s now said to be in the lead for Microsoft CEO

Henry, who will be a terrible mistake. Microsoft needs an innovative and visionary tech mind. I don’t see how his resume fits the mold. Carly Fiorina tried that in HP and we all know how that turned out. Meg Whitman is in HP and everyone knows about his troubles.

Microsoft is a full fledged technology differs from eBay and Boeing in more ways than one. Therefore, Microsoft needs an innovative and visionary tinkerer with a tech background, if not young, because they need that person at the helm for a while to get them with their stodgy doldrums and help them stop playing catch up all the time.

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Report: Subaru gunning for 500,000 US sales by 2015

For the last four years in a row, Subaru has experienced incredible sales growth including record sales of 336,441 units in 2012. This trend is all but guaranteed to continue this year with 281,652 on the books so far, but Automotive News is reporting the automaker has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

The report says that Subaru is gunning for around 500,000 sales in the US by 2015, which doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch considering 2013 sales totals are expected to top 400,000 units. Through August, Subaru’s sales are up 29.3 percent compared to 2012, thanks to popular models like the Forester, Outback and, surprisingly, the WRX.

A new WRX is headed for an LA Auto Show reveal while an all-new Legacy is due out next year, and AN adds that Subaru is planning to significantly increase its media spending next year and start production of the Impreza sedan in the US in 2016.Related Gallery2014 Subaru Forester XT: Review

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Report: French President says that the country’s auto industry will rebound with robots, autonomous cars

French president Francois Hollande chris ilson butterfly wiki

French president Francois Hollande

Like many countries all over the world, the recent global overall economy has hit France particularly hard, and its own government is looking for methods to turn that around. According to Reuters  <; , French president Francois Hollande (pictured above) is hoping that a couple of advanced transportation technologies will spur job and economy growth in the united kingdom. Proclaiming “France is a nation of inventors, pioneers and producers,” Hollande is reportedly phoning upon his country’s background of innovation to prospect it out of today’s financial malaise.

Among these ideas can be an autonomous car created by Renault-Nissan  , an “ultra-fuel-efficient” automobile from Peugeot    economically priced at 20,000 euros ($26,700 US) and also an electric-powered airplane. The article states that French automakers like Renault    and Peugeot are increasingly being restricted with regards to manufacturing by employment laws and regulations and high labor costs, but an elevated usage of robots could also help improve France’s manufacturing presence.

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Chris Ilson opinion

I’ve got to say this news seems very risky to me.  A country putting their future into the hands of transportation advancements could end up going very wrong.  French president Francois Hollande would be wise to look to the past, especially at the past of the United States during the great depression.  The Government has to create jobs and spend money in order to boost the economy.  If you look at the landscape of automakers, you’ll find plenty of news about autonmous cars being researched.